Airpods Studio: Conquering the Noise-Cancelling Headphones Market

Can Apple go toe-to-toe with Sony and Bose with their new headphones?

Apple has been making their moves with their AirPods and limiting it on the wireless, minimalist, and portable features. And just today, the company intrigued the market by its rumored audio line up of noise-canceling headphones. There have been previous reports of its existence but with Jon Prosser’s innocent tweet, guess it won’t be just a rumor anymore. 

In his tweet, he didn’t just leak the company’s new over-ear headphones but also its future name, price, and codename. The market already anticipated that Apple would release its competition towards their competitors, namely Sony and Bose, it’s just a matter of time. And it has been their quest to win over the noise-canceling headphones’ niche. 

Unleashing the Airpods Studio

Mocking the Bose 700, Prosser indicated that Apple will launch the new Airpods Studio at $349 only making it $50 cheaper. Bloomberg also reported that Apple will release two distinct types of earphones, the other one will focus on fitness and the second on high fashion. However, they emphasized that both will have swappable earpads and headphone paddings, which Bose doesn’t offer. 

With being said, the Airpods Studio will fall into the category of high fashion. They intend to craft it with a leather-like fabric, retro aesthetic, and oval-shaped ear cups that are connected to the headband by thin metal arms. 

The Verdict

The serial apple leaker, Jon Prosser, accurately revealed the exact launch date of the new iPhone SE and the May 4 launch date of the new 13-inch MacBook Pro. And In terms of what to expect from these headphones, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggested keeping the wireless capabilities of AirPods while making it plausible for Active Noise Cancellation in the Airpods Studio. It was also speculated that these headphones are already here and ready to ship, but according to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, it will enter mass production within mid-2020. The underlying question now is whether these headphones can beat the Beats. 

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