Here’s how to track the status of your stimulus check payment from the IRS

Are you still waiting for your stimulus check? Wondering where it is now, and you don’t know how to keep track of it? Then, we have gathered some information on how to do it.

Have you been waiting for your stimulus check, and you still don’t know when? And if you have already gone to the IRS payment tool but even couldn’t answer what you need, you might want to give it another try, for they have already made some changes in the system. This is to fix some common problems or bugs which the people reported on their previous experience with the app. 

The Get My Pay tool can help answer your typical questions like when you are going to receive your stimulus check and how much it will be. The added feature is that this can assist you with the lacking documents that may cause some delay with your check. The usual amount for the stimulus check is $1,200; however, it still varies on the average amount of your income yearly.

Here are the things you should know before everything else

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