Dell U4919DW Ultrasharp 49″ Curved IPS Monitor Review

Here’s to something too much but not enough

The Dell UltraSharp U4919DW may not be ideal for creatives or online gamers, for it doesn’t have HDR and is limited to 60Hz refresh rate. But with its 49 inch ultrawide monitor and a QHD resolution, this is perfect for people who are interested in statistics, investments, and real estate. It might be exaggerating to say that it’s so wide that it tops out at 5120 x 1440 pixel count, but when you see it, you’ll definitely love to have one. 

Aside from its specifications that we will be tackling later on, this monitor is also a must-have for those who would love to binge watch movies or Netflix on the weekends. For this monitor have numerous slots and ports that you can use whichever you need. At the back you’ll see the AC power connector,  Security lock slot, HDMI port connectors, DisplayPort in connector, USB Type-C port, USB upstream ports,  USB downstream ports, and USB downstream ports (x1 with power charging). Here are also the cables included: Power Cable,  HDMI Cable, DP Cable (DP to DP), USB 3.0 Upstream Cable, USB Type-C Cable. 

Before breaking down with its design, features, and performance, here are the brief specifications you might want to look: 

Dell UltraSharp U4919DW specs

Dell UltraSharp U4919DW‘s Design 

If you are into a sleek and modern vibe, then this metallic gray color suits your taste. Design-wise it looks like a professional alike tool that would boost your confidence in crunching data. The impression it usually gives to its customer is the durability of visual design in general. The monitor is massive and getting it out of the box is complicated. The stand is beastly and does a superb job of stabilizing such a full display with a little wobble. It also features a rock-solid height change and tilts feature.

On top of this, the Dell U4919DW has a relatively light 3800R curvature, which can sometimes bring some complications into the build process that leaves a few untidy seams. A small downside of the design is the buttons that control the on-screen menu. The company has been using necessary face buttons, which makes the menu a bit hard to navigate. 

The Features and Performance

If speaking about the color resolution, then we can say that the Dell U4919DW is good but not the best or accurate enough for productivity and creative use. Greyscale is a concern, but colors are right, and this is because the monitor seems to have been calibrated. The overall performance is exceptional and crisp, especially for productivity work thanks to color deltas around the 2.0 mark and full sRGB coverage. 

It also has Dell’s Display Manager app (Windows only), which allows you to tile the apps automatically in up to 38 pre-defined templates. This will be an impressive way to go about preserving your workflow. There’s a handy feature called auto-restore. This tracks and remembers the position of windows, even if you got disconnected to the monitor which is useful. It also includes KVM support, which means you can control two computers from the same monitor. 

The Verdict 

 The Dell U4919DW Ultrasharp 49″ Curved is perfect to those who have been playing the stock market, watching the real estate trend, scheduling articles and reports, and some productivity errands you badly need to finish. Its sleek design can also boost the work vibe that may give you that Zen mode of completing the daily task. However, it’s quite expensive, but as they always say, good quality value comes with a bit higher price. 

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