Top 5 Best Self Balancing Scooters Gift Idea this 2020

Finding the Safest, not just the Best.

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Best Self Balancing Scooters Gift Idea: A lot of controversies have been raised on the safety and efficiency of scooters, also known as hoverboards.  But when you hear about a lot of brands recalls in the past, you would think twice about buying or having one. Then I’ll be better off with the safety of just having a standalone bicycle or good old-fashioned kick scooter.

Best Self Balancing Scooters Gift Ideas this 2020

Manufacturers had claimed that their products are safe and have undergone stricter quality controls and safety protocols.  We don’t want to take their word for it while we get the blunt from a mechanical glitch.  So you may want to be more extra cautious in choosing the right self-balancing scooter that is right for you.

We have considered a lot of factors so you can choose with ease the following top five Best Self Balancing Scooters Gift Idea from the most popular brands available in the market today.

SWAGTRON T580: Self Balancing Scooter

If your top of mind is safety, then the Swagtron T580 will be the best choice on the list. Since it is certified by UL (Underwriter Laboratories), and it has been tested successfully against certain specifications.  In this case, it was tested for electrical and mechanical standards. The basic safety features of the self-balancing scooter are its incombustible casing, smart battery management, and patented technology called Sentry shield. Sturdiness and durability is a notable feature since it has the ability to hold riders that weigh between 44-220 lbs. It comes with a Dual-mode, a Learning Mode and a Standard Mode.  You can charge it up to 100 minutes and comes in with a pair of built-in speakers.

Very simple to operate, you can just start, steer, and stop the Swagtron T580 with ease and It’s very sturdy with a durable casing and lightweight at 20 lbs. This nifty self-balancing board lets you riding along flat roads, take it along for a breezy ride along with parks and playgrounds.

Why We Loved It – The SWAGTRON T580 is one of the best self-balancing scooters. This hoverboard packs an extra distance and extended range. It gives you all the features that you need for a safer and comfortable ride.  But more compelling is the good price and benefit one can have on such a great buy.

Segway miniPRO

We have known Segway as the best self-balancing scooters brand and had created great brands and products, but one thing that pops into our mind is the miniPro.  Segway has to produce a fine line of personal mobility vehicles. There were a lot of good reviews for the Segway miniPro as well.

Segway has indeed made a mark for its name when it comes to the handless self-balance board market. The miniPro is a combination of the renowned Segway scooter with a very innovative handless, self-balance board. Considered as not a hoverboard, Segway stressed that is the next best thing in its market niche. It can be operated at high speeds and has a long battery life.  It packs in a dual motor that operates at 800-watts, giving it enough power to navigate thru any obstacles.  It can be used perfectly for indoors and outdoors as well.

Why We Loved It – The Segway miniPro is a cut above the rest of the self-balancing board and is great if you’re a beginner.  Even experts  and enthusiasts have chosen this product due to it’s safety features, very precise sensors, and the knee-control bar. With a very strong reputation of the company , you can trust that the Segway miniPro is safe and is a good buy.

Segway miniLITE

Segway has indeed made a title as one of the leading manufacturers of best self balancing boards.  Another predecessor to the miniPro is the Segway miniLite .  This product has proven to be worthwile if you’re in the search for a hoverboard.   The miniLite is an actual “lite” version of the Segway miniPro. But given it’s smaller size it’s definitely full of features that is worth your attention.  If you want driving comfort the miniLite has large tires that are pneumatic, allowing better shock absorption in any rough terrain. It has the same speed capabilities of its bigger counterpart and a compatible mobile app.

Why We Loved It – If you choose affordability, but has the full features of the Segway miniPro, then the Segway miniLite is the perfect portable vehicle just for you.

UNI-SUN Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooter

If you are a beginner and in the search for a self-balancing hoverboards, then fret not here’s one that allows you to roll around with minimal effort. The UNI-Sun Hoverboard is ideal for beginners and for those who are still getting used to standing up on a moving scooter, it is very easy to maneuver because of its revolutionary self balancing system.

It has been tested for UL2272 safety standards for hoverboards for its reliability and efficiency. The dual 300 Watt Motors give this scooter a maximum speed of 9.3 mph, and on a single charge.

Why We Love It – This hoverboard comes in many different colors that suit your style, plus you can be assured of its good quality and affordability.


SISIGAD Hoverboard Scooter

If you are a very fashionable rider, then the SISIGAD Hoverboard is for you. It comes in 15 different colors to choose from.  This self-balancing scooter is a very young player in the hoverboard market that comes with self-balancing technology. You can choose from black, white, blue, classic pink, purple and more, and make a fashion statement every time you go out for a ride on your sleek board. They have added LED lights and built-in speakers, perfect for your music on the go via your smart device using Bluetooth technology.

Even if you ride under the rain, you need not worry since the board has IPX4 water protection and it threads lightly on grass, asphalt, through the gravel and even mud.


+ shock absorbing and non slip pedals

+ 9 mph maximum speed

+ can travel through grass, gravel and mud

+ safe to use in the rain

Why We Love It –  a hoverboard that is water resistant and very cool with The built-in speakers, LED light and Bluetooth making it a high-tech hoverboard. Great for a fashionable and cool ride.

Nowadays, people are into alternative personal mobility aside from making it a source of entertainment and leisure at the same time a means of travel for people across all ages.

Always make sure that the hoverboard has passed the test under the UL2722 certification.

For the past years, the utmost concern for these self-balancing boards is safety and road worthiness.  They seem to have electrical issues and are very prone to fire hazards.  Their Lithium batteries have the tendency to leak and eventually explode when damaged or had leaked.

Hence the UL 2722 tests are required and mandatory to ensure they abide by safety construction and manufacturing standards.

Be safe and enjoy your rid with these Best Self Balancing Scooters Gift idea this 2020.

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