Deep Web and Dark Web: How To Access Them? Here’s A Safe Guide

Deep web and dark web might be scary to access since there are many claims about the illegal things that both websites contain. However, U.S. Norton reported that accessing these websites is easier than you might think, and some people have already done it. Although the media was not able to properly differentiate them from one another, these websites are to different things.

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From the name itself, Deep Web is just below the internet surface, which can be assessed by most people across the globe; that is not completely “dark”. Because of the links, websites can be searched and indexed by search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, and Google.

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Search results are ranked according to relevancy, keywords, and inbound links. However, there are certain things that you cannot search using search engines. For example, you cannot find a book by searching for a public library catalog; Google won’t provide a meaningful result for the library you are looking for, even if you type the title into the browser’s search bar.

You need to go to the library’s official website to look for the book you’re trying to find. The deep web works just like this, it holds almost all the content that’s not visible in the search engine. Here are the things you can find within the deep web;

Deep Web Vs. Dark Web

Compared to the dark web, the deep web is a safer place; a sliver of the deep web can be represented by the dark web, which is linked to different illegal activities. It is relatively safe to access the contents found in the deep web; since most of the people probably checked their email and credit card statements online without worry, however, it doesn’t mean that accessing your personal information won’t lead to privacy risks. The report claimed that the accounts found in deep web contain a lot of people’s personal data; which is why strong and unique passwords should be used on all your accounts.

On the other hand, the information that the dark web contains raised worldwide concern about criminal activity. The dark web can be accessed using “The Onion Router”, instead of using just regular browsers. Users are offered with complete anonymity by TOR servers since they are undetectable from search engines. Dark web publishers are also anonymous because of the special encryptions offered by the protocol. Compared to regular websites, accessing dark web does not provide interconnected servers surfing. All the users and publishers of the dark web have equal security and privacy since all the data stays internal on the TOR network.

Using TOR Browser

Accessing the dark web is easy if you can download the TOR browser; Once you successfully installed a dark web browser on any device, it will function just like your regular browsers and all you need to do is type in a URL. But, looking for the information or material you want to see on the dark web is more difficult compared to a regular search engine such as Google; the dark web doesn’t have a ranking system or index that can help you find the most relevant information you need.

The dark web also has its search engines. One of these is called the Uncensored Hidden Wiki, which provides a guide to the contents found on the dark web, but, it may also include illegal websites so you must be careful. The report suggested that you must have trusted security software on your device.

Here are a few tips to ensure your security when using the TOR browser.

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