Netflix Restrictions: Here’s How To Remove Them- Quick Guide; Top 5 VPN You Must Have


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Netflix restrictions may be pretty bothersome since it will prevent you to fully enjoy your favorite video streaming account. However, there is a way for you to completely get rid of those annoying restrictions from stopping you enjoy your favorite movie series or tv show. You can use a VPN, which will allow you to watch streaming and Netflix outside of the United States. Top5VPN‘s report provided the list of the best VPNs which could completely unblock U.S. Netflix/Streaming; guaranteed 100%.

Currently, there’s no doubt that the most popular media streaming service would be Netflix, with almost 140 million subscribers. Since every country has a different catalog of titles, you might find it disappointing if you access one of Netflix’s country-specific versions. Here’s how you can remove these restrictions without a fuss. Here’s the top 5 VPN you must check out that will allow you to watch Netflix abroad.

  1. “privateinternetaccess” (9.8/10 total score)

This VPN is one of the most secure and fastest of its kind of service. It ensures no-logs policy, as well as providing strong encryption;

  1. “CyberGhost” (9.1/10 total score)

It provides reliable, ultra-fast, and super-secure features; as well as powerful encryption.

  1. “NordVPN” (9/10 total score)

Its features provide strong privacy and security, as well as great speeds.

  1. “Surfshark” (8.9/10 total score)

This one is good for beginners since it provides fast VPN streamlined, strong privacy features and encryption.

  1. “PUREVPN” (8.6/10 total score)

PUREVPN 10 Multi-Logins that provide decent speeds, as well as 256-Bit Encryption and DDoS protection.

BBC explained that VPN service work when your device creates a secure connection to a remote server. It’s generally impossible to determine the true identity or location of your computer once VPN goes online, since it will be connecting you to that server. Most of the VPNs claimed that it is not possible for an entity, such as a government agency or other organization, to identify the location or identity of the user since they keep no server logs.

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