LinkedIn layoffs 960 jobs as COVID19 hits the Hiring Process

Around 6% of jobs have been cut off as pandemic continues 

LinkedIn will lay off 960 jobs because of the impact of the COVID 19 pandemic on recruitment  and selection. The lay off will target the sales ad hiring divisions, which hit 6% of the professional networking site’s global workforce. 

On Monday, the Chief Executive, Ryan  Roslansky, “While this decision will help us ensure that our company and platform are resilient and emerge stronger to reach our vision, there is simply no harder decision to make as a CEO.” 

LinkedIn is a Microsoft owned company, which people used to find jobs and which companies used to find employees, and build the user’s own online presence, isn’t planning further layoffs, he noted.

The affected employees of the layoff in the UK, Ireland and Australia have “already begun a consultation about the potential impact on their jobs.” 

The New Focus 

The company is said to be focusing merely on online sales instead of in-person sales.  “This online channel approach will allow us to better serve the millions of small businesses that will need LinkedIn through this pandemic and beyond—and aligns with how we plan to focus our field sales efforts on our higher value relationships,” Roslansky stated.

“Normally, we would have rolled out our annual plan at the end of June. But as I’ve shared at the Company All Hands, this year we’ve been taking our time to get the FY21 plan right given the changing dynamics around us,” he added. 

Roslansky said that these are the only layoffs planned for the company. Affected staff, who have not yet been told, could keep company-issued cell phones, laptops, and recently purchased equipment to help them work from home while making career transitions, he said.

LinkedIn said they will inform employees affected by its job cuts this week, and they will start receiving invitations in the next few hours to meetings to learn more about their next steps.

“If you don’t receive a meeting invite, you are not directly impacted by this change,” Roslansky said.

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