Which iPhone X is Real or Clone? Here are the Red Flags

Photo by Ron McClenny on Unsplash

iPhone 12 is coming up! Are you ready for your budget? If not yet, don’t worry.

In Amazon, a lot of older models of Apple iPhones can be availed for much lesser prices than the retail prices. But, just like in other online stores, there are still bad apples in the basket. Which means fake iPhones could still be out there, without you realizing. So, how can you make sure that you paid for a really legit device, and not clone? Especially in iPhone X. Here’s the guide.


If you have a fake iPhone X and a real one, it is easier to point out which is fake or not. One thing that you can compare is the style of the notch. Fake iPhone X has a bezel around the notch that does not go up to the corners like on the real iPhone X. The difference between the two devices is uncanny, but with a careful closer look, you would know exactly what we’re talking about.

Flash Module

Another difference between the two models is the back of the phone. The flash module of a real iPhone X has two colors and speckled. While on the fake iPhone X, there is a solid yellow color and not speckled, compared to the real iPhone X.

iPhone text below the logo

Any iPhone models that have text below the ‘iPhone’ logo at the back is a clear sign that an iPhone is fake. If you have your iPhone X now, check the back of the device and see if there’s a text below the iPhone logo. If yes, sorry to burst your bubble.

Check the serial number of the iPhone X on the website

If you’re still not convinced that your iPhone X is real or not, another thing you can do is to check the serial number of your iPhone X and verify it in the Apple website. To check the serial number, type *#06# and go to ‘Settings’, head to ‘General,’ then click ‘About.’ You will then see your device’s serial number, check it on the website. Once it says your number is invalid, it is fake.

iPhone X Sale!

To shortcut your hunt for the real iPhone X on online stores, here comes the Amazon store to help you.

An Apple iPhone X is now on sale in the store. To clarify, the device is only renewed, but the quality is still the same as the original brand-new iPhone X. This 5.8-inch model has 64 GB and 3 GB RAM. The battery capacity of the device is also in the middle of slow charging to fast charging, with its 2716 mAh power.

The device has Space Gray color to highlight its fine-looking style– which doesn’t look like a renewed phone. However, since it’s not technically brand-new, the iPhone X model does not have any headphones or SIM Card.

Amazon’s iPhone X renewed is surely much cheaper compared to the real iPhone X. If you’re interested to purchase it now, go to Amazon and click that ‘add-to-cart’ button.

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