LastPass: An App that can protect you from Dark Web

The LastPass can help you detect if your password shows up in Dark Web.

The LastPass can help you detect if your password shows up in Dark Web. 

LastPass is a free password manager tool that does the work of remembering, creating, and filling in passwords. This app has helped a lot of users to manage all their passwords online. Aside from this, LastPass has helped create unique logins for any platforms and accounts that a user is going to sign up or join. 

Just recently, LastPass has updated its security dashboard, and along with this are its features. One new feature that stands out is its overview of all the user’s accounts, highlighting any passwords that could pose a security risk. This includes a dark web monitoring feature. 

How do you do it?

Once you navigate to the Security Dashboard, the user will see a set of scores for all their logins, followed by a breakdown of passwords that are old, inactive, weak, or reused. The user can click on a problematic password to change it. The LastPass will then automatically take the user to the webpage where they can update their login information.

One of the LastPass significant updates is the Security Challenge. With this feature, users will no longer have to run or check manually for the security of their online accounts. The score and steps can improve the users’ online safety each time they visit that part of the software’s interface.

LastPass App will proactively check the user’s online accounts against the Enzoic’s compromised credentials database. Once it detects an issue, it will notify the user through email and the app. However, the Dark web monitoring is available to LastPass Premium, Family, and Business subscribers only.

What is the Dark Web? 

Dark web contains raised worldwide concern about criminal activity. Dark web publishers are also anonymous because of the special encryptions offered by the protocol. Compared to regular websites, accessing dark web does not provide interconnected servers surfing. All the users and publishers of the dark web have equal security and privacy since all the data stays internal on the TOR network.

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