Google to Pay Google+ Users $12 After Lawsuit Settlement

As the software company is settling a class action case in the U.S., users of the collapsed Google+ could receive $12 each.

This year, Google agreed to a settlement of $7.5 million in total. The tech giant will pay users after Google+ had a bug that compromised user data.

The security flaw affected 500,000 Google+ accounts. However, the firm insists that there has been no proof that developers have used it to hack personal data.

Who are eligible to receive the payment?

While $7.5 million appears to be a lot of money, it only works out to be just over a tenner every time everyone who has been affected decides to claim.

The compensation also applies only to affected U.S. users who had the said account between January 1, 2015 and April 2, 2019. Each user will receive about $12 each after the tech giant agreed to a lawsuit settlement.

If you are reading this in the U.S. and think you may be eligible to claim, you can access the official website of the settlement for more details. Payments will be sent through PayPal or a digital check. 

Users could only claim the payment from the site until October 8, 2020. Upon receiving the payout settlement, users’ won’t be able to file charges for the damages.

Trial and Lawsuit

In 2018, the company revealed that the “Google Plus” social networking site (also known as Google+) suffered tech glitches from 2015 and 2018. The tech giant admitted that those software bugs gave some access to “profile field information” to the app developers.

Google claimed the flaw was accidental and compromised no data. Three disgruntled customers of the device brought a complaint against the company. They argued that such glitches falsely affected a variety of people who used them.

United States District Court – Northern District of California charged the said social media platform. The tech giant, on the other hand, refuted all charges. Hon. Edward J. Davila granted the class action settlement preliminary approval of the trial last June 10. The court asked the company to give notice of the said settlement.

Many users getting an email from considered the sketchy letter and doubted its credibility. Twitter user @normamacedos challenged the email and anticipated getting prosecuted over it.

What is Google+? Why did it fail?

The tech giant created the application to compete with Facebook in 2011. Still, other Google apps failed to synchronize well with the said application. Usage was low, and there is confusion among many users about whether they even have an account.

Put clearly, the app struggled to take off. The tech giant explained the complexities inherent in delivering a good product that meets the needs of customers. The app ended in August 2019 after the error leaked about 500,000 people’s personal details.

Did it delete any data?

Any users of Google+ pages developed, as well as images and videos from album archives in Google+. All other Google apps, such as Google Drive, Google Images, and Gmail remain untouched.

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