Despite Zoom 468% Revenue Growth: Expert Claims “Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks”

Zoom is currently celebrating the 468% revenue growth it has finally achieved but the celebration could just be short-lived. An expert claims that it is still vulnerable!

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Zoom reports recently surfaced on Wednesday claiming that a particular zoom classroom meeting at the known Godfrey-Lee Public School was actually interrupted by a particular non-student participant. The whole Wyoming Public Safety together with the Godfrey-Lee Public School recently released a statement on Thursday regarding the whole incident.

What does the report say?

The report claims that the District, together with the Department, have recently opened a new investigation towards the matter. The Wyoming police investigators have also developed significant leads into identifying a possible suspect who could actually be acting somewhere from outside the known State of Michigan.

There is a full criminal investigation and it will be both completed and also turned over towards the Kent County Prosecutor’s Office for certain consideration of charges.

Although there was no physical danger towards any of the students given the nature of the Zoom meeting being remote, the whole School District together with the Public Safety Department still sees this as unlawful behavior and takes the matter with grave sincerity.

Security, safety, and also a proper learning environment inside the classroom, either physical or maybe virtual, is still very important.

The investigation

Superintendent Polson along with his staff have recently implemented additional cyber-security measures in order to prevent a recurrence of an incident such as this one. The particular Wyoming police officer that was assigned to the District as a sort of School Resource Officer is currently working closely with the known Superintendent along with his staff in order for them to keep the students protected from what just happened or any possible upcoming threat to the school safety and order.

13 ON YOUR SIDE has recently spoken to the Wyoming Police Lieutenant known as Eric Wiler about the recent Zoom incident that happened on Wednesday along with the challenges that this type of occurrence actually presents to law enforcement.

According to the Lieutenant, when the kids attend these sorts of zoom meetings, it is important to make sure that you are aware about what is going on. The lieutenant also noted that with the advancement of technology out in the wild as well as the access that certain people have to open things like Zoom, it’s very easy for them to possibly do bad things but hard to track who they are or where they are located.

Zoom in trouble

The hacking of this classroom is not the first incident that certain individuals were able to penetrate Zoom despite the app supposedly being private and safe for its users. Despite Zoom’s recent success being able to rake a 468% increase in revenue this second half of 2020, it seems like the security issues have not yet faded away.

Although the issues have toned down a little bit, Zoom is still vulnerable to certain misusages like what happened in Wyoming. Although Zoom is not the only video-conferencing app out there (Google Meets and etc.), Zoom is still p

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