Asana App Review – Task Management Prowess

One of the best reasons why Asana easily pops out from the mob is that it’s a powerful task management suite that is great not just for teams but individual users too.

This is a collaborative remote tool that allows multiple users to organize tasks and get to work in a fused yet dynamic virtual ecosystem.

The flexibility of this productivity app allows you to take your plans, projects, and tasks out of your head and transfer it to a reliable and efficient system such as Asana.

Asana, which was created and developed by Dustin Moskvitz, Facebook co-founder; and Justin Rosenstein, software engineer, has been around since 2008 and helping teams of all shapes and sizes get their workflows right on track.

This transformative application is being used by millions of teams worldwide and over 75,000 giant tech companies and organizations such as NASA, Spotify, Airbnb, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Uber.


Asana has tons to offer its users, especially in terms of productivity and task management.

It helps people collaborate with ease and distribute tasks and workloads with a range of powerful integrations that give you the power and freedom to coordinate teams in a seamless and strategic way.

Task Management

Asana is well-known for its task management prowess. The platform is designed primarily to help team managers or CEOs delegate and assign varied tasks and subtasks to employees or team members and be transparent and systematic with work processes.

Tasks are shown in a kanban board or as a list; depending mainly on your preferences. Each task has sub-tasks, due dates, attachments, assigned users, and team members plus other custom fields that keep you organized.

Projects or tasks are archived once marked as completed and you can easily search for any tasks or work history for each project that helps a lot with keeping a tab on projects, employee appraisal, and billing.

Portfolios and Timelines

One prominent feature of Asana is it allows you to coordinate and track projects for the long-term.

Timeline View – This works like a Gantt chart that is shareable to all team members and also has real-time updates and synchronizations. You can move a lot of items around and change due dates, et cetera; which all integrates seamlessly into the platform controls.

Portfolio View – This display allows the manager to oversee each project and keep track of project updates and set priority levels for each one.

Workload Management

This allows users or managers a progressive window to check on the workload or tasks assigned for each member. You can also redistribute work using an easy-to-use drag-and-drop feature.

With this, you are able to track the equal distribution of tasks and can plan ahead or strategize on workload to avoid problems with deadlines or burnout.

App Integrations

Asana is extra powerful with its app integrations, which compensate for its lack of some built-in features for project management.  Some of its awesome app integrations are Zapier, Harvest, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Slack.


Asana has a free version and also offers users a free trial. Asana pricing would start at a minimal $10.99 billed monthly.

Free – This is basically free if your team has a maximum of up to 15 users, but with a few limitations. The only restriction for free users is you don’t get to access custom dashboards and also the Timeline view.

Premium – The paid premium plan is priced at $10.99 per user, which is billed on an annual basis. This plan provides you access to custom dashboards, custom fields and forms, Timeline viewer, admin control panel, and milestones.


What Asana lacks in terms of project management, it massively compensates with its ability to ramp up collaboration and productivity in one suite.

Asana excels immensely as a task management tool because it allows managers to keep track of works easily and essentially get more done.

Asana’s amazing app integrations allow you to customize and speed up your workflows, which makes this is a truly invincible and must-have app for your individual and business projects.

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