Retro Studios Hires Former GTA Producer for Metroid Prime 4

Who could forget the classic GTA that brought games into the world of criminality without having to do anything bad in real life? The unorthodox RPG game’s producer was recently hired by Retro Studios.

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Nintendo has previously announced that the upcoming Metroid Prime 4’s very own development would then be officially restarted some time during the beginning of last year. Now, it seems like Retro Studios is going heavy on a hiring spree looking for new talents to forward this ambitious project working like there is no tomorrow. With this particular mentality in mind, they have now hired a former GTA producer to head their game’s production!

Who could forget Rockstar Games’ classic GTA?

The esteemed legacy of Rockstar’s classic Grand Theft Auto has definitely changed the world of gaming and has made everyone that previously worked with them relatively important in the gaming world. For this reason, the aggressive Retro Studios has decided to hire the former Rockstar veteran named Marisa Palumbo as its lead producer.

The Texas-based studio has recently opened up this role some time two months ago according to a Twitter post by Julio Rodrigo, the VGC of Retro Studios. The GTA producer has previously had a heavy career outside of just Rockstar Games and has participated in the production of other previous heavy game blockbusters.

The GTA producer has been involved in Overwatch, GTA IV and V, and more!

The GTA producer was previously part of Blizzard’s very own Overwatch team for a total of six years, and some time before this, Marisa Palumbo had also spent almost a decade working with Rockstar Games. Her collection of accomplishments include heavy timeless games like Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto V, Max Payne 3, as well as Red Dead Redemption.

Retro Studios is still on the scout for a lead animator as well as a boss/AI designer in order to have a full-on powerful team. Some time last month, the studio was even able to get their hands on former God of War and Call of Duty talent.

The word is spreading and fans of the studio, its team, and good games in general are starting to be excited with what Retro Studios has in store in the future. Although it might seem a while before they pop out new games, with the talent that they have gathered, it would be no surprise that these games will be legendary.

The announcement comes before the upcoming Xbox Series X/S and PS5

It was the perfect timing to announce that a GTA producer has joined Retro Studios’ team as the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S along with the PlayStation 5 are coming out any minute now. With such a hype following the next-generation console, it can be expected that the number of gamers who will be excited for this will increase.

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