Samsung Teases a 110-Inch TV: Here’s What We Know So Far

Samsung, a world-renowned Korean multi-technology company, has unveiled another addition to its MicroLED TVs – a new 110-inch 4K TV that will be available worldwide by the first quarter of 2021.


The forthcoming TV is a 4K HDR TV that can cater to images and videos with high dynamic range, up to a 4K resolution. It would also use MircoLED technology from Samsung, where micrometer-scale LEDs could be sent into the so-called LED modules. This concept was first introduced in the incredibly huge 292-inch screen TV of Samsung named “The Wall.”

The technology incorporated with this giant TV is somewhat similar to some wall-tiles, such as patterns of mass-transferred groups using microscopic lights. The Wall, becoming a massive piece of TV, needs specialised TV and screen handlers to install it.

However, the newly announced TV is a downsized or mini version of The Wall. Yet the MicroLED technology would also have the capabilities and characteristics included. 

Samsung’s new technology could provide a lifetime of up to 100,000 hours of viewing time, or nearly 274 years in total, and is considered much more than most of the OLED screen technology currently available on the commercial market.

Samsung would also capitalize on its fully equipped artificial intelligence (AI) system, aside from being a 4K HDR TV, which could greatly improve the image and image quality presented on the TV screen. In terms of the competition for TV bezels, where the 99.99 percent screen-to-body ratio would be used, the TV also has an added innovation.

Gamers’ Potential Screen

Such specifications and features described to complement the upcoming Samsung TV would possibly be best associated with and suitable for gaming consoles. The TV’s projected specs could be fully maximized using the recently released upgraded console versions of both the PlayStation and Xbox series, with their PS5 and Xbox Series X releases, respectively.

The official announcement also hinted at some of the internal specs of the game. As the base of its Micro AI processor, it will feature inorganic materials. A Majestic Sound System would also be on the TV, which could deliver a promising 5.1 channel sound.

Within the sound system of the TV, the Object Tracking Sound Pro feature is also available that could detect and identify objects and moving objects that would appear on the screen, while then displaying and providing sound on the movement or action of that certain object.

Samsung’s price for the upcoming TV was also announced. It will be priced at a skyrocketing KRW 170 million, or USD 156,000, upon its planned release early next year. For the TV industry, it may be an innovation, yet its price tag could be labeled as a grail for average consumers somehow.

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