Amazon Echo Show Netflix Unlocked: How to Play it?

Photo by Compare Fibre on Unsplash

Today is the day we’ve all been waiting for. Amazon has finally decided to allow streaming platform Netflix to be played, in almost all models of Amazon Echo Show devices.

Here’s how to watch Netflix on Amazon screen-displays.

Now you can watch Netflix on Amazon!

Amazon screen-displays are one of the best devices of the brand. After all, these are meant to be used for binge-watching your favorite shows and movies.

Having a voice assistant Alexa to guide your watching experience is also a major plus. Despite its original function, a lot of Echo users still demanded one thing: Netflix.

Unfortunately, since Amazon has its Amazon Prime– which is a competitor of Netflix– the company refuses to allow Netflix on the device. But, not anymore.

Starting today, Dec. 16, Amazon Echo users can now access Netflix in selected models of the device, as first reported via AFTV News.

To access this feature, users can simply command saying, “Alexa, open Netflix.” This will instantly put the Echo devices on the Netflix platform.

After this, you can now watch your favorite Netflix movies and TV series, as much as you want.

Which shows can you watch on Amazon Echo Show?

Aside from Netflix and Amazon Prime, Echo users can also access other streaming platforms such as Hulu and Tubi.

This leaves out Youtube as the only streaming platform that cannot be used on Amazon devices.

Unfortunately, compared to Netflix, this might be an impossible thing to happen since Google and Amazon have a complicated relationship with each other.

AFTV News, however, warned that once Amazon Echo Show is connected to a Fire TV, the process of changing the platform to Netflix may not be simple.

The Netflix feature will be made available for all generations of Echo Show devices, from the first-gen down to the most recent Echo Show 8. The only exception on this feature is the Echo Spot, though it does not really affect much since the screen is too small on this device.

Amazon Echo devices for sale!

To help you have the Netflix experience on selected Amazon echo screen displays, here are a few of the store’s discount deals on these gadgets.

Amazon Echo Show 5

The first sale of Amazon for this week is the Echo Show 5 Charcoal. For only $44.99, you can enjoy watching in its smart display with an Alexa-supported system.

This 5.5-inch can also be used to manage your day with schedules, entertain you while cooking in the kitchen, and connect you to your friends and family.

To make it fun, you can use Amazon Echo Show 5 as your automatic picture frame at home.

Now, for additional discounted prices, you can also check out Amazon Echo Show 5 with a free Smart Plug for only $59.99.

Amazon Echo Show 8

If you’re looking for a bigger screen, Amazon Echo Show 8 is a must-have for you.

It has an 8-inch HD screen and quality stereo sound so you can enjoy binge-watching even more. Through Alexa, users can easily control lights, thermostats, or even have access to your security cameras.

Save as much as $50 once you buy this now.

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