Apple Trade-In Prices Changes for Apple Mac, Watch, and iPad

Apple Trade-In Prices Changes for Apple Mac, Watch, and iPad

Time to do some trading in, huh?!

Apple Trade-In Prices have been recently adjusted. Some of these changes are quite evident to iPads, which have increased in value, and Macs decreasing their worth. These Trade-Ins are Apple’s initiatives in letting customers upgrade their devices by trading their older devices in exchange for credits towards their next purchases with the company’s devices. The changes were first spotted by iMore, claiming iPads, Apple Watches, Macs, and even some Android devices are valued trade changing. 

Apple Trade-In Prices

Apple increased the iPad lineup’s value to maximum from $25 to $525. This means that the iPad Air and entry-level ‌iPad‌ have gained $40, reaching $250 and $240, respectively. Finally, the iPad mini has increased from $175 to $205. While the Apple Watch lineup has given a minor increase, Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple Watch Series 4 have increased by $10 to $150 and $95, and Apple Watch Series 1 increased from $30 to $35. 

Despite having an increase as mentioned above, Macs have decreased in their trade-in value. Having MacBook Pro going down from $1,760 to $1,530. And the MacBook Air is losing $100, down to $630, while the MacBook is down to $380 from $450. 

Apple is not the only one who did some changes but also, some Android models. Such as  Samsung Galaxy S20 has fallen in price from $270 to $225, while the Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+, and Google Pixel devices, with minor increases. 

These prices show the maximum Apple Trade-In value that users can expect for their device, which is about to be traded. The valuation still depends on the condition of the device. 

Apple iPhone Charger Is A MUST In Brazil

Apple iPhone Charger is a MUST now in Brazil after hearing some speculations that Apple will no longer give a charger along with the device. They also added that it should be sold separately.  Brazil Government has heard of the rumors and proclaimed a state’s consumer protection. 

Apple must still put the corresponding charger to its iPhone model as what the state’s consumer protection agency declared in São Paulo, Brazil. The state Procon-SP agency contacted Apple last October to explain why it should not be included in the device. 

The Tech Giant just answered that this is due to environmental benefits and many users already have spare chargers that they can reuse. This reduces carbon emissions and avoids the mining and use of rare-earth elements. 

But according to the recent press release last Wednesday, the Procon-SP agency stated that a power adapter was an “essential part” for the use of the product, and selling these new devices without it is against the Brazilian Consumer Defense Code.

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