Apple TV 4K Rumors: Upgraded Chip, Gaming, and MORE!

Apple TV+ is OUT in Europe Unless it has 30% EU Content

DISCLAIMER: All is still focused on speculation that Apple has not published any official Apple TV 2021 news or facts.

Apple has certainly more tricks and launches up its sleeves. Various rumors are already circulating about the company’s releases in the following year. Apple TV devices are allegedly at a revamped new interface and accessories. The firm appears to want the whole house fitted with Apple-made gadgets, including the rumored upgrade of television sets.

The most valuable electronics firm in the world, Apple, is now looking at updating another home essential in its product lineup, for the Apple TV device to get upgraded internal components and a new remote. The black box system of the business will be more than the traditional black box individuals recognize as it also integrates Siri to the platform of the house.

The HomePod Mini, which was launched alongside the iPhone 12, was the newest update to Apple’s home integration and is intended for household usage to link and synchronize all Apple products. In addition, these home-based Apple systems are suitable for transforming the house into a smart home, cheaper than redesigning with various specifications for other devices.

Apple Insider, Mark Gurman, announced that the Cupertino giant plans to update its Apple TV system in the following year, with the sixth version coming out to have better components, according to Bloomberg’s article. A quicker processor unit, improved remote control and a peek at accommodating gaming with the functionality and functions of the computer.

Sixth-Generation Apple TV: What does it feature?

The Apple TV 4K is the device’s fifth iteration, debuting in September 2017, originally more than three years ago. Despite the smartphone not being as large as iPhones and even HomePods, after three years after the last “new feature” launch in 2017, it is still scheduled for a much-needed update.

The gaming reports are huge, since the Apple TV 4K will have a dedicated controller that will most definitely be shaped like the peripherals of a console. This venture will be almost equal to Google’s online gaming cloud services with Google Stadia and Amazon Luna.

In addition, no need to think about a lost remote (which will inevitably show up after the hunt is over), because to locate it at home, the quicker remote control would have a “Find My Remote” button. The remote could have an AirTags-like gadget in it, and it will be recorded with an Apple device to list it in the protection application alongside another tech.

Additionally, based on the Silicon ARM design, the latest processor for the 2021 update of the Apple TV will resemble the old iPhone system-on-chip (SoC). Yeah, the Apple TV 2021 will be like an old iPhone to fit the games and operate on the large displays smoothly.

The business will allow use of the Apple Arcade software to play games in the Apple TV 2021, just as what the new smart devices are doing. Both the iOS tech depends on each other, with the mother company providing its subscription channel and cloud gaming platforms.

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