Apple Officially Scratches Parler from App Store

Following a warning that Apple gave Parler regarding its lax measures when it comes to handling misinformation, racism, and violence, the app is now officially removed from the App Store.

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Google has already removed Parler from its Play Store and now, Apple does the same. This comes after the warning that Apple gave to Parler giving them 24-hours to properly filter content that can be uploaded to their platform.

Amazon bans Parler

Amazon now removes the Parler app from its own Amazon Web Services, cloud hosting service, Sunday evening. This will effectively kick the app out of the public internet for good after the mounting pressure has come from both the public as well as Amazon employees themselves.

This decision reportedly sprung into action as of Sunday 11:59PM Pacific Time. Parler will automatically have to find a brand new hosting provider. This was according to BuzzFeed News which first reported this. The story by CNN noted that Parler is known to be an alternative social media network that was very popular with conservatives.

Parler used by Donald Trump supporters

This particular online social media network has been said to be heavily used by Donald Trump supporters. A number of them have been noted to have participated in the recent US Capitol unrest that happened just on Wednesday.

In a particular letter that was obtained by the official CNN Business reportedly sent to the Parler Chief Policy Officer known as Amy Peikoff back on Saturday, Amazon Web Services had noted that in recent weeks, it has already reported about 98 examples of certain posts on Parler that allegedly “clearly encourage and incite violence.” The letter even included certain screenshots as well as a lot of examples regarding the incitement.

AWS bans Parler

The statement notes that AWS has seen quite a steady increase in the overall violent content being made on the Parler website. All of these reportedly violate their terms. It was stated that it is also pretty clear that Parler actually does not have quite an effective process for them to comply along with the given AWS service terms. 

The letter then continued stating AWS actually provides both technology and services to different customers all across the political spectrum and that they will continue to respect Parler’s own right to be able to determine for itself what type of content they will allow on its website. However, it was also said that they cannot provide the services to a certain customer that seems unable to effectively identify and even remove the contents that encourage or even incites violence towards others. 

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It was then stated that due to Parler’s inability to comply with the given terms of service, this poses quite a real risk to the general public safety and because of this, they plan to suspend Parler’s official account.

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