Shazam to Spotify: Here’s How to Connect them for Faster Music Streaming

Shazam to Spotify: Here’s How to Connect them for Faster Music Streaming

Here’s how to stream music easily

Shazam is a popular application service where you can identify any unknown music or song being stream everywhere. All you have to do is to open the app, then put it near the song that you want to recognize. You just don’t have to forget that it should be connected to the internet, though. This app is owned by the Tech Giant, Apple

With Apple’s gradual improvements with their apps, there’s already a feature where you can press the button and stream the music you just recently recognized. 

  1. Download and install Shazam and Spotify on your iOs device to connect the two applications. 
  2. Launch the Shazam on your iPhones. 
  3. Swipe up My Music from the main Shazam screen. 
  4. Tap the Settings button on the upper left corner screen. 
  5. Tap Connect next to Spotify. 
  6. Finally, choose the green Agree button to authorize the connection. 

Once done, you can now listen to Shazam by tapping the play button of the song to a 30-second preview. And if you want to listen to full, you have to go to Spotify on full screen. You can also create Shazam tracks on Spotify. 

Android Users Can Now Access Spotify Using Google

Android users can now use their Google accounts to log in into Spotify, thanks to the app’s new update. The popular music platform’s update will make it easier for you to access the app from an Android device or tablet.

If you want to have a great music experience, you should have Google Pixel 3a since it has 64GB memory. This huge storage will ensure your device doesn’t lag, even with many files or apps installed.

Going back, Spotify might have made the update just after Google Play Music stopped working on iOS and Android devices. Even its web version stopped functioning for many users across the globe.

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