PC vs Gaming Console: Which One is Better?

When it comes to gaming, buyers are usually faced with two options, the PC or gaming console. Which one is better?

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Gaming comes in all shapes and sizes. Some gamers would rather use a gaming console like the PS5 while others would rather use a Personal Computer or PC. While some would argue that consoles like the new PS5 is better, others would prefer PC as their mode of gaming. Both of these choices have their own pros and cons and they really depend on the gamer which one to pick.

Here are the differences between the PC and the gaming console:


When it comes to price comparison, the gaming console is cheaper than a PC and this is one of the main benefits of buying it. The reason for the price comparison is that the PC is built on a lot of different parts and getting the best out of every part would cost a lot of money. A gaming console, on the other hand, focuses only on the parts that are capable of running the particular game that the gamer wants to play.

While some gamers have the budget to buy a high-end PC, others only have enough money to buy a gaming console. A gaming console might cost a significant amount, however, this isn’t quite close to what it would cost to build a gaming PC or gaming laptop. The video card alone could cost up to five times the price of a PS5.


Some people would prefer having a device that could be used for both work and play. Due to this decision, most of these people decide to buy a personal computer instead of a gaming console. While the gaming console can still be used for a few versatile functions, it is still very limited in comparison to the personal computer.

However, there could be an advantage that the gaming console has over the PC. Due to work and play being done on the same device, it could be hard to focus. This is why other people would prefer to buy a gaming console since they can focus on gaming alone or working alone. The gaming console also makes playing more comfortable as you can play games on a really comfortable couch or while lying down which would be hard to do with a personal computer.

Overall gaming experience

While both of these vary in a lot of different aspects, when it comes to the gaming experience, these two different factions have a lot to offer. While the gaming console is usually an “it is what it is” type of device, the personal computer is more customizable which means players can tweak it to their heart’s desire. 

While the PS5 restock is still something being sought after, gaming PCs are all around and gamers can choose to upgrade them whenever they please or when their budget permits. Plus, customizing your own personal computer can be quite fun as well. Of course, when picking out the perfect gaming PC, it is important to not forget the right gaming monitor for your setup.

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