Matrix 4 Title Could be Called Matrix 4 Resurrections

The new Matrix 4 title could be called Matrix 4 Resurrections. Learn more about the upcoming movie. At least, from the information available now.

Image from NeoMatrixology YouTube

Matrix is one of the most popular movies of all time introducing the classic slow-motion action bullet evading Neo saving the world while sacrificing a lot. The movie has become one of the most popular iconic films within recent pop culture history by influencing trends, idioms, and imagery even long after the franchise has previously ended.

Is there gonna be a Matrix 4?

From the now more common bullet evading effect to the red and blue pills which are much older than the Matrix itself, it has almost been a whole two decades ever since the franchise released its last movie, however, and while it still closed the trilogy, there is still room for for things to pick up once again. That particular time might soon come if the leaks around are accurate with the franchise squeezing in one more movie.

The question regarding if ever there would actually still be a Matrix 4 was surprisingly never really in question as the shooting had already wrapped up. In fact, it was also exactly the same case with the rumors coming around regarding the said movie. Of course, fans can expect that the upcoming movie won’t be called Matrix 4.

Matrix 4 Leak

The clue is said to come from a particular makeup artist known to be involved with the firm’s own production. She actually showed off a certain gift and note coming from the producers that were thanking them for their hard work. The insides of the coat were said to bore the iconic “Matrix code” along with a particularly stylized word that read “Resurrections” that were running down from the middle.

Fans, of course, were latching on to this, all of them speculating that the Matrix 4’s title could be called “Matrix Resurrections.”  If this is true, the title could actually be interpreted in a number of different ways.

Upcoming movies

Given the main fact that Keanu Reeves as well as Carrie Anne-Moss will have to be reprising their own roles, it’s still almost a bit too easy to conclude that they will be returning. The previous Matrix Revolutions gave a hint that Neo’s actual story still isn’t over yet, however, there has still been no official announcement regarding the new Matrix anyway.

According to the leaks provided by a certain YouTube channel called NeoMatrixology that revealed the movie’s title. The article by SlashGear notes that the movie was initially slated for 2022, however, the upcoming Matrix 4 or Matrix Resurrections was then surprisingly pulled forward to make a 2021 debut instead.

Given the importance of the film within history and also advanced technology over a couple of years, the expectations will then definitely be riding high and the whole consequence for failure could also be bigger. Aside from the Matrix, there are also other trilogies like LOTR or series like Star Wars that fans can watch again while waiting.

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