Google to Delete Play Music Library This Feb! Do This to Save Yours

If you still have your Google Play Music Library or are still using it on a daily basis, then you should transfer your data into another platform since Google announced it will be removing the contents. Previously, the tech giant company stopped the application from running last December 2020, but there is still some user’s content that is still available on the music platform.

Although this is the case, Google confirmed that your Play Music contents will also be deleted sooner than you expected. Many reliable sources confirmed that the tech firm will completely delete all information associated with Play Music Library this month of February. However, the exact date is still tentative.

This means that all your content in your Google Play Music Library will be automatically transferred to YouTube Play. The company’s decision started in May 2020, with plans to take down the music platform completely by the end of 2020, which it successfully accomplished.

The actual Play Music Store went down in October 2020 and all usage was discontinued two months after.

When will Play Music Library contents be deleted?

Previously, Google said that the app’s users only have until December 31, 2020, until all their contents are transferred to YouTube Music or download an offline copy of their personal files from the music platform.

However, the initial deadline was moved to 2021, and there are now just 19 days left until all the app users’ content on the Music Library are deleted. This means that you have until Feb. 24 to transfer all your music files.

On the other hand, Google said that the files that will be deleted “includes your music library with any uploads, purchases, and anything you’ve added from Google Play Music. After this date, there will be no way to recover it.”

Meanwhile, users that already transferred their app’s files to YouTube Music are currently receiving different emails. In this message, Google is saying that “if you’ve made any changes, you still have the option to transfer again so your music library is up to date.”

Google adds that “if you want to keep your music, download it soon. If you choose not to delete it now, we’ll automatically delete any remaining music and data once the shutdown is complete.”

Transferring files to YouTube Music

Although Google will automatically transfer all your data to YouTube Music, that doesn’t mean that all your files will be safely moved to the other music platform. If you want to completely ensure that all your music files are properly transferred, you can do it manually. Follow these steps to complete the process properly;

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