Netflix New Feature Automatically Downloads New Content for Users

Netflix is now reportedly launching a brand new feature that would aim to bring more offline content to certain users who usually automatically download. 

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With the new “Downloads for You” enabled, the official Netflix app will now automatically download recommended movies and TV shows to the mobile device based on the user’s tastes as determined by their Netflix watch history. After users turn on the future for the very first time, they will be able to select the total amount of storage that they want to dedicate in saving the supposed recommended downloads on their devices.

Netflix ‘Downloads for You’ options

Users can pick between either 1GB, 3GB, or 5GB. The downloads will then reportedly take place whenever the user is connected to a Wi-Fi network and will also contain a new mix of other recommendations that Netflix thinks users will like. Typically, the said app will download just the first few episodes of a certain TV show in order to get users started.

Users can also reportedly cast the downloaded content towards a nearby TV where they will be able to stream them directly from the user’s phone. After users have watched either a few episodes or movies, the user can then delete them from the said device in order to free up additional storage space for the next time that users will be connected to the WiFi.

Smart Downloads extension

According to the story by TechCrunch, Netflix also notes its actual full catalog is also available for download, not just those Netflix original content. However, there will still be some titles that have download limitations due to the reported licensing restrictions. The said feature is a new addition and reportedly not a replacement for Netflix’s current existing offline access feature that is known as the Smart Downloads. 

The Smart Downloads was first launched back in 2018 before it had become globally available. This feature reportedly allows users to be able to pick which particular shows or movies they will be wanting to save for offline viewing later on.

Netflix notes that it had started testing the Downloads for You feature during late 2020 and is now making the reported feature available to all of its users around the world. However, the feature is only available for Android as of the moment and an upcoming version for iOS is still currently in works and is expected to arrive some time later this year.

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