Faker Clarifies He BENCHED Himself From T1’s Lineup– LoL Update!

Lee Sang-hyeok, who is well-known as Faker, said that he is the one that benched himself from the starting lineup of the popular League of Legends professional team SK T1. This is currently big news since he is the one that usually carries his team to world championships.

Faker is very popular for his great plays as SK T1’s mid-laner. If you watch his games, you will know that he always outplays his enemies. He can win against 1v3 or even 1v5 situations. This player is well-known across the globe. And because of his popularity, champions such as Cassiopeia, Ahri, Ziggs, Anivia, Kassadin, Talon, Zed, and other mid-lane heroes became popular.

Faker was also able to make new metas that became really popular in other parts of the world. However, a shocking update in the League of Legends world. Sang-hyeok said that he will not be included in the starting lineup of his team since he is not in the proper condition to play yet.

The superstar mid laner said he didn’t feel that his form was good enough to compete when he stepped away from the roster in February and told his coach he needed some time. In the interview, Faker praised Clozer, who played in Faker’s place during his absence, for his performance at the time.

Previously, Faker’s team signed multiple players during the offseason to build a flexible 10-man roster. While the idea behind it was great, in practice it seemed like T1 had synergy issues with the constant roster changes. The latest iteration of the lineup was the 10th one T1 fielded during the season. Four players were part of T1’s 2020 LCK Spring Split domination with the exception of Keria, who was acquired during the 2020 offseason. The team looked much stronger today compared to their previous series, and this might be a good starting point for the upcoming playoffs.

Faker says the change of starting lineup is the best for T1

The professional LoL player said during an interview that the current change of lineup is the best strategy. He also praised coach Daeny for allowing his decision, claiming that the team still has some room for improvement.

The LoL player said that “it hadn’t been long since we’ve played with this combination, so there still are some problems with the synergy or macro, but in today’s match, everyone tried hard to make the plays together.” He added that they are “able to take a lot of benefits in the early game, so that was the reason we were able to have a swift win.” Right now, the popular SK T1 team has a record of 8-7, making it the 5th best team.

What makes Sang-hyeok the best player on League of Legends

Sang-hyeok explained that he is always playing games that have complicated mechanics. The Lol player said that this allows him to practice his dodging, which is one of the most important skills when you are a mid-laner since most of the mid-lane champs are mages. This means that they heavily rely on their skills to win a fight. If you want to know how he practices his dodging, you can watch the video below.

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