App Store Supports 330,000 Jobs in the UK: Here’s Why it Matters

The App Store has been a huge benefit to the people in the United Kingdom as well as other countries as well aside from just Europe. Apple has been gaining a good reputation for those seeking jobs as the App Store alone has reportedly added 330,000 jobs.

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2020 was definitely a different year for everyone as people who worked regular jobs were mostly forced to work from home and with the new normal, more traditional jobs started to slowly lose to be replaced by remote jobs. Technology in general has seen a huge leap last year as a number of people had no choice but to adapt in order to keep their work and to keep in contact with the world. The App Store is also reportedly one of the big contributors.

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The app industry has reportedly been one of the large contributors of employment opportunities for people coming from all around the world. Developers are reportedly profiting from creating as well as selling apps through the App Store. The addition of jobs does not limit itself to developers alone but also to the marketing managers, social media managers, and other people on the team working on the said app.

In order to show just how big Apple’s impact was to the world, the company had recently released a series of reports showing just how much they have helped people gain employment in Germany and the UK. Just a year after being hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, people have become even more tech savvy and the increase of apps as well as the jobs that it produces have grown by 10% in comparison to 2020.

Increase in jobs

According to the story by Apple Insider, developers have reportedly been able to generate over $5.02 billion in earnings as of 2020. This is a huge jump of 22% compared to the year before. The whole trend also mirrored the said progress in Europe where the supposed iOS app economy has been providing an increase of jobs by 7% in comparison to last year bringing the number up to 1.7 million. Germany’s app developer growth has also seen a massive 8% increase compared to the year before and a huge hike of 75% in sales that were generated by German apps coming from other countries. In general, the App Store has been able to provide more jobs as the digital job realm expands.

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