Top 4 Chinese Smartphone Brands in 2021

Chinese brand smartphones are now leading the market. But, which brand is the best among all of them?

Aside from US’ very own iPhone, or even South Korea’s Samsung, Chinese brand smartphones have been trending for quite some time now. If you will check, most phone models, that are being released recently, came from China-based smartphone makers. Among these companies, which smartphone brand offers the best device for anyone?


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If you’re a fan of the latest smartphones being released today, you would be familiar with the phone brand named Xiaomi. This brand is behind the newest smartphones today: Poco, Redmi, and others.

Xiaomi Corporation is a multinational company that offers varieties in any electronical devices, including smartphones, laptops, home appliances etc. For the past months of 2021, this Chinese brand has already offered number of smartphones that can go head-to-head with iPhone or Samsung.

Here are some of the best newly-released Xiaomi smartphones in 2021:

Most Xiaomi models have cheaper prices than a regular iPhone or even Samsung. Not only that, one of the best specs to get on this brand is the massive quality of camera set in a smartphone.

Two years ago, Xiaomi promised as part of its five-year plan to invest in building more smart homes in the world.

“We see a future where all home devices will be connected to the internet and controlled by voice. A wave of home appliances will be replaced by smart devices. There will be an AIoT network that infiltrates every second and scenario of people’s lives, collecting mountains of users, traffic and data,” said founder and chief operating officer Lei Junin.


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One of the most common and used smartphone in the United States is the Chinese smartphone brand called OnePlus. Probably, one of the reasons of its fame in Americans is that the name itself isn’t Chinese name. This results to a shock for most people, who has negative feedbacks when it comes to Chinese brands.

According to Tech Radar, One Plus’ best smartphones include:

A lot of people finds OnePlus as one of the best Chinese smartphones brands out there. After all, the brand has the most exciting developments for the past years.



Realme founded by the same person that developed Oppo, another Chinese brand, is also part of the list. This smartphone brand offers the cheapest sets of smartphone models, with quite impressive specs. Here are some of them:


One of the best Chinese smartphone brands is called Oppo. As mentioned above, the founder of Realme also established this company.

First and foremost, Oppo is a well-established smartphone brand that offers most loved Android smartphones out there. It has a great overall performances, camera sets, and even displays. Here are some of the best Oppo smartphones out there, according to Tech Radar:

Which of these brands have you already tried?

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