Spotify Reveals New Entertainment System For Cars

Spotify Car Thing

Spotify listeners can expect a grander scale of entertainment for their vehicles.

Image from Spotify YouTube

One of the largest music streaming platforms in the world – Spotify, has expressed its desire to have a more vast presence in vehicles. Apple, one of the leading gadget brands that provide iOs-operated technology, has also hinted at their new iPad-centric announcements. At the same time, Microsoft has also presented a new Surface Laptop on sale.

Spotify’s new in-car entertainment system

Spotify has named its novel entertainment for cars as the ‘Car Thing.’ It appeals to younger audiences with its memorable yet odd label. Although listeners have been used to a broad selection of methods to stream while on the drive, Spotify has expressed that its entertainment system will significantly provide a far more seamless experience that is also personalized. 

This new system is equipped with a touchscreen, navigation, and voice control, along with other preset buttons that will allow users to access their favorite playlists, podcasts, and other music.

Spotify Car Thing

Car Thing is mainly an updated version of the existing in-car device that the platform has already started testing way back. Although it has presented Car Thing to be available worldwide, it still looks like a test run. It has had a limited release in the United States, with it being free of charge for users.

However, the Spotify web player is still hot among users, both on desktop, mobile, and even in the car entertainment system. While the Spotify web player is convenient for single access, the new in-car system provides a more personalized user experience as well as flawless convenience.

Spotify Car Thing provides a more seamless and direct approach for drivers and riders in the front and back seat. They can enjoy their Spotify pet playlist or Spotify for pets without so much as a fuss, even while driving with their pets.

The Competition

While Spotify has unveiled its newest invention yet, other tech giants are also making their moves towards a more appealing strategy. 

Apple, for example, has planned its event for the 20th of April. The “Spring Loaded” event’s invites have been sent to many Apple users. Microsoft, moreover, has released its new Surface Laptop that is out on sale this week, with its price starting at $999.

On the other hand, social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have released an ‘oversight’ panel control that gives users the ability to review their decisions in removing content. 

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Spotify is one of the most popular audio streaming services in the world. It provides a smooth and personalized experience for all users. You can create playlists, listen to your favorite artists, and subscribe to podcasts on all devices. With its new entertainment system, your music can also now be enjoyed in your vehicles. Users can listen to Spotify music in your Apple iPhone 11 Pro and more. 

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