Hackers Hate This Security Tricks: Here’s How Efficient They Are

Hackers are currently becoming more dangerous than ever. Previously, they were only targeting your social media accounts and bank details.

However, hackers are now focusing on other sensitive info such as COVID-19 patient status, fertility of women, and other things that are really important for other people. Because of this, security experts are having a hard time helping the organizations, companies, agencies, and other individuals that were hacked by various cybercriminals.

Thanks to their new tools and methods, hackers can now easily acquire your sensitive data and use them according to their likings. Although this is the case, there are still some things you can do to protect your essential online accounts, gadgets, and other sensitive information.

All you need to do is practice these activities habitually. Some of you may already know these security tricks. But, for those who don’t know, here’s why hackers hate them and how efficient they are.

Security techniques that hackers really hate

Don’t share too much info on social media

Hackers hate it when users are not sharing their sensitive information. Here are the things must not include on your social media accounts:

Of course, the best way to protect your accounts from dangerous cyber attackers is to create different and strong passwords for each of them.

Avoid clicking email messages that have the same link and digits

Some people find email messages harmless. However, cyber attackers are usually sending email messages to exploit malicious links that could easily fool the users. However, you can still identify them once you see that there’s a pattern when it comes to the email addresses’ links. If you see this, it is highly suggested that you delete these messages.

Always updating your password

Cyber attackers hate it when you always change your passwords for social media accounts. Why? Because they will have a hard time tracking your password. You must remember that hackers don’t usually acquire their victims’ passwords in just one day. Sometimes, it even takes weeks before they can get it.

This means that if you change your password regularly, from the time they are about to steal it, your password is already a new one. So, if you want to completely protect your accounts, it is highly advised that you change your password once a week.

Don’t add or accept friend requests from new or unverified accounts

Cyber attackers usually use new accounts. If an account adds you on Facebook or following you on Instagram, always check if they have photos, friends, mutual friends, posts, and other things that would prove that it is a friendly one.

However, if you see that the account was created a few months or weeks ago, doesn’t have any photo, friends, or post, then all you need to do is delete that request.

But, there are also some instances that the cyber attackers will use an already breached account. Although this one is a legit account, you will notice that there is something strange in the way it communicates or posts content. If you notice this with one of your friends, there’s a chance that they could have been hacked.

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