AM HATSU: The World’s First Wireless, Split, And Organically-shaped Keyboard

Angry Miao, an artisan-esque, wireless product-focused electronics brand has brought the first ever organically-shaped split ergo keyboard, the AM HATSU, into existence. 

AM HATSU keyboard
Image from Angry Miao website

Staying true to Angry Miao’s “Make Art Not Tech” vision, this brand new futuristic-looking mouse is indeed reminiscent of the sci-fi drama opening animation that influenced it. With its organically shaped metal body, the AM HATSU is a Westworld-inspired keyboard, and it is a truly eye-catching piece of work .

“Why is nobody using advanced five-axis CNC and the fastest wireless technology to create a keyboard that truly speaks to the user’s imagination and actually improves the health of the shoulder and neck? It’s because nobody dares to create a keyboard that pushes boundaries and has no regard for cost.” Says Angry Miao founder, Li Nan. 

According to Cyber Media, the AM HATSU doesn’t only look amazing for show, but for good reason too; its modern 3D curved surface and wireless design are deliberately made to reduce all sorts of strain on the arms. Below are some benefits of physical health and comfort that Angry Miao’s latest keyboard is offering to customers. 

Split, wireless design to protect shoulders

It’s common and scientific knowledge that slouching is not an ideal posture. Unfortunately, with the majority of traditional keyboards on the market, this unhealthy position easily becomes the norm for many. A split design, like that of the AM HATSU, erases that problem by taking varying shoulder widths into consideration. This keyboard sports a high-tech wireless chip with two simultaneous wireless communication protocols that connect both parts of the split keyboard and the host together, guaranteeing ultra-low latency wireless connection. 

There is low power consumption, low-frequency communication, and reliable anti-interference between the AM HATSU’s left and right keyboards, allowing them to work smoothly with just about any desktop. 

Curved metal surface for wrists’ sake 

Most keyboard users can’t avoid uncomfortably bending their wrists when typing away on a flat surface. With the AM HATSU’s 3D, high inside, low outside shape, users don’t have to worry about any wrist-joint aches. Its design’s complex curves require aviation-industry fire-axis CFC crafting to achieve the product’s durability, as opposed to regular 3D printing methods which are not capable of matching its exact characteristics. 

Ergonomic 4×6 layout for fingers

Repetitive and prolonged finger movement tends to become quite taxing on wrists and fingers alike. The AM HATSU’s unique 4×6 layout is ergonomically positioned to ease the burden on typing hands. Getting used to such an unconventional keyboard may be slightly disorienting for first-time users, but after overcoming the initial learning curve, in the long run, its becoming second nature will prove highly convenient and beneficial. 

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TechVisibility viewpoint: 

The AM Hatsu is undoubtedly a remarkable new sort of keyboard with the potential to change the game in terms of what other ergonomic designs the rest of the market can come up with. Still, there’s nothing wrong with preferring the good old traditional types. Those in need of a keyboard to get more efficient work done on their devices might like a Snugg iPad Pro 12.9 (2020-4th Gen) Keyboard or an Apple Smart Keyboard Folio for iPad Air.

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