iCloud Keychain Password Manager Guide: How to Check Its Security

iCloud Keychain Password Manager Guide: How to Check Its Security

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iCloud Keychain is the built in password service of Apple. If you own an iPhone or MacBook, here’s how you can check its security. How good is it?

iCloud Keychain is the official password manager of Apple. It is currently available on devices running iOS and macOS. However, is this online service safe to use?

If you want to check how secure is Apple’s iCloud Keychain system, here are the major details that you should know. This password online service is currently used to sync all the passwords you use for different websites and apps through the password service.

On the other hand, the iCloud Keychain version in iOS 14 and newer iPhone system versions give you security recommendations that warn you if a password you are using is too weak, which could lead to a possible account breach.

As of the moment, the iCloud Keychain password service is helping Safari to securely monitor your saved passwords using strong cryptographic techniques. Aside from this, it also regularly checks derivations of your passwords against a list of breached passwords in a secure and private way that doesn’t reveal your password information to anyone, including Apple.

Once Safari’s iCloud Keychain detects or discovers a breach, it will alert you and can automatically generate a new secure password. Here are the exact security alerts you could receive from Apple’s password service.

How to Check If Apple’s Password Service is Safe?

If you want to check if your password manager is safe, all you have to do is follow these easy steps;

  1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Scroll down and tap Passwords.
  3. Tap Security Recommendations.
  4. Check the list of recommendations under “High Priority.” Tap a recommendation for more details, or tap Change Password on Website to open a browser window and change your password.

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Right now, password managers are considering safe password storage since they are developed by various security experts. However, there are still some risks that you need to check when you are using one. Here are the exact possible risks that you might encounter when you use a password manager;

All these risks simply mean that the best password manager with 100% efficiency and security is your memory or brain. There’s no place safer than remembering all the passwords you use in various accounts, especially your bank accounts’ credentials.

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