New Apple TV 4K Features

The new Apple TV 4K has come to your household with upgraded television and movie experience.

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There are a lot of problems when it comes to home theaters. That is why many would argue that even in the age of technology, the cinema is still a more exciting experience. There have been a lot of instances where people are displeased with the display on their televisions. This is because a lot of them still do not know how to properly tune their televisions. As with the case of programs that are too dark for their own good, many people tend to blame the program rather than their own TVs. Good thing though, Apple TV 4K is here.

The good news is that Apple has finally released the new version of Apple TV 4K. It is equipped with some exciting new features that will contribute to the viewing experience of audiences.

Color Balance Feature

The new Apple TV 4K makes use of the light sensor that is located in the iPhone in order to make a comparison to the color balance of the television towards the specifications that are standard in the industry, as used by cinematographers all around the world.

To set this feature up, all you need to do is go to the settings on the device, then choose the video and audio settings. There, you will see the color balance. There will be some instructions that will show on the screen that will direct you to move the iPhone closer to the TV. A notification will then be sent on the phone, where you will need to press the Continue button to start the process of color balancing.

The television will show an iPhone outline, and you will be instructed to line the phone along on the outline. Face the iPhone where the front camera is pointing to the TV. You may then proceed to compare the color-balanced version to the original image then simply choose the option that you prefer.

New Remote

The all-new Siri Remote has been given a new design, which features a hundred percent recycled aluminum. It is also quite a little bit larger as well as weighty compared to the previous design.

For those who have struggled with the function of fast-forwarding or rewind on the Apple TV 4K remote, the new click pad will help with that. Simply use the circular gesture located at the outer ring of the click pad in order to navigate between various time stamps while watching a show.

A new power button has also been added, with a Siri button as well as a mute button.

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