Realme ‘MagDart’ To Become Apple’s Magsafe Android Counterpart

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Realme is preparing to launch the “MagDart,” a charging accessory for its upcoming flagship smartphone that, like Apple’s MagSafe announced earlier this year, will use magnets to charge the device by snapping onto its back.

The launch of Realme’s new MagDart charging technology has been confirmed. On August 3, the Oppo spin-off brand will reveal the magnetic charging technology. Realme Flash is anticipated to be the first phone to utilize the company’s MagDart charging technology.

Madhan Sheth, the CEO of Realme, confirmed the news via Twitter, saying that the “Realme Flash” will be the “world’s 1st Android phone with Magnetic Wireless Charging.” The CEO’s tweet didn’t provide any details about the magnetic wireless charger, but GizmoChina has reported on what Realme customers can expect.

Realme’s charger will be known as “MagDart” and will be available in two distinct versions, according to the report. The first model has a thin circular design that resembles Apple’s MagSafe charger puck. Nonetheless, Realme’s will be “slimmer” than Apple’s and provide 15W charging rates, according to the source.

The second model is a larger charger with a built-in fan to help “keep thermals in check during charging,” according to the company. The more bulky device will give charging speeds “that will rival contemporary cable fast charging equipment” when compared to the smaller “MagDart” charger. By attaching onto the rear of the “Realme Flask,” both the thin and bigger “MagDart” chargers will work as intended.

The company has already previewed the Flash’s design, which appears to be identical to the leaked images. A curved display with a hole-punch cutout will be included on the smartphone. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 SoC, with up to 12GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage, will power the phone. On the rear, the device will include a triple-camera setup. It sports a big camera cutout, which is most likely for the primary camera, as well as two additional sensors.

The images also show the device’s box-shaped magnetic charger attached to the rear. To compensate for the heat created, the charger will most likely incorporate a fan. At this time, there is no indication on the rapid charging speed. It should be quicker than Apple’s 15W magnetic charging system. Another puck-shaped coil, similar to the MagSafe coil, will be released by the firm.

Many parallels between Apple’s MagSafe technology and Realme’s “MagDart” will be made, but there’s still a lot we don’t know. Apple’s MagSafe technology enables for a wide range of attachments, allowing third-party developers to create a variety of MagSafe accessories for iPhone 12 customers.

Apple, for example, sells MagSafe chargers as well as cases, wallets, and other accessories. It’s unclear whether Realme’s “MagDart” is part of a wider ecosystem of magnetic accessories that the Chinese company wants to release for Android.

Mukul Sharma, a tipster, also says that the Realme MagDart would support more than just smartphones. According to the tipster, the charging method will support Realme’s forthcoming laptop, as well as the Realme Book, Realme Pad, and other accessories.

At the time of writing, there is no official indication on when the Realme Flash will be available.

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