Google Assistant Getting Upgrades For A Safer Back To School Routine

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Google is adding more features, once again, useful for moms with scheduling dilemmas, kids going to school, and others. Both Google Assistant and Search are offering these features ahead of the coming school year. Read on to know details of each new feature.

It is quite difficult to prepare a day ahead of time. This is most especially true with parents taking care of kids, and making sure that everything is in place. That is where apps and devices such as Google Assistant come handy. Multitasking is possible and you can easily access information and communicate through the use of it. Moreover, as the school year is coming, schedules are not the only worry that parents have. They need to make sure that kids are safe and reminded of a lot of things.

Easier Schedule and Checklist


First among the list of the new upgrades include a Google Assistant’s function to create a bell schedule. With this, Family Bell will announce certain events like time for school or break time within the day. This makes sure that all are on schedule and timely. Moreover, you will soon have access to Google Assistant Family Bell on your phones and tablets aside from already existing Smart Displays and speakers.

With everything going on, it is sometimes difficult to keep up and remind everyone in the family of important things. But this will soon be easier with a full screen checklist to be added on your Nest Hub. Feature is seen in the photo above. This will provide an easier monitoring and reminding of things that have been done such as “making their beds, getting dressed and brushing their teeth“.

It is also useful to remind kids of safety precautions to follow especially this time of pandemic. Already part of the routine of everyone is to always wear masks going outside. Also, wash hands and sanitize as often as should. Users may also include this in this checklist.

Google Assistant will make it more fun through fun, on-screen celebratory animations and sounds that will appear as soon as users finish a certain task. Giving kids a sense of accomplishment and responsibility. On the other hand, For parents’ or adults’ use, you can automatically trigger the start of your set morning routine by simply dismissing your morning alarm. You can do this by adding “dismiss an alarm” at the start of Morning Routine. It may include checking weather, news, and others.

Keeping Track of Everyone in the Family

In case that parents need to go back to work, or kids go to school (or even online), users will be able to know where everyone is through a family group. Just simply say  “Hey Google, where’s my family?” to give updates of the location of each family member. you can also keep them updated whether you are on your way home or at the store.

Continuous Learning while at Home

Also part of the upgrades is Google Search adding a new interactive periodic table. Using your device, you can access a 3D Model that can help learners “quickly visualize an atom”. More so, review a specific word or phrase in a different language through the “Live Translation” Assistant button which can be found on Google Search. Additionally, kids can learn more by listening to stories such as stories from Pottermore Publishing by saying  “Hey Google, tell me a Fantastic Beasts Story”.

All details of these upgrades and features can be found in Google’s blog post.


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