LinkedIn Personal Account Better Than Company Page?

Some experts claim using personal LinkedIn accounts is better than relying on your company pages. Why? These reasons will help you learn more about it.

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LinkedIn allows you to make your business or company well know. As of the moment, this website is widely used by various individuals across the globe. They are using it to share their products and services, which could help them increase their numbers of audiences.

LinkedIn users tend to rely on official company pages so that their consumers would trust them more. However, some experts clarified that if you want your business or company to reach more viewers or consumers, the best thing you can do is rely on your personal account.

Here are some reasons why you need to start using your personal accounts instead of your company pages on LinkedIn. But, before you consider them, you need to remember that it will still depend on you, especially if your company has been using your official page for the past few years.

Why Using Personal Account is Better Then Company Page

Some LinkedIn experts claimed that many people tend to check a personal account instead of a company page. You and your friends can even relate to this since a personal account seems to be a better option when you are considering purchasing a product or a service from a company.

Why? Because personal LinkedIn accounts are like reviews. On the other hand, you can even see if the employee is sharing a positive experience in the company he or she is working for, which could further attract more consumers.

LinkedIn is all about connecting with your peers, people with a shared interest, skills, or work experience, and having a conversation. Companies on the giant job-posting site are simply a vehicle to make the work history on individuals’ profiles a bit more enhanced.

On the other hand, personal LinkedIn accounts also tend to have more connections compared to company pages. The reason behind this is that employees tend to connect with other staff from other companies. It is already given that real people want to connect with other real users so that they can learn from the experiences they are sharing on their page.

Unlike personal accounts, company pages only share their products and services. To look more professional, they usually re-share some posts without any comments or opinions. This is why personal accounts have the advantage when it comes to connectivity. The accounts of regular employees are sharing their opinions and beliefs without having to worry about being judged by other users on the giant job-posting platform.

The reasons mentioned are just some of the proof that shows how using personal accounts on the giant social media platform could make a difference. Here are other factors you can consider;

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