Sega Microsoft Partnership Aims to Help Azure Cloud-Based Games

Sega is partnering with Microsoft in order to help the latter’s Azure cloud-based computing platform power highly in-demand next-gen video games.

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Although the rumors are that Sega is merging with Microsoft, this is not true. The Japanese video game maker, however, is now tapping Microsoft’s powerful Azure cloud computing platform. This is in order to potentially develop a next-gen wave of different games.

Sega Announces Microsoft Partnership

Just recently, Sega announced that it had officially entered into what it called a “strategic alliance” which is focused on Microsoft’s own Azure data centers. This is in order to produce certain large-scale, global games.

The company notes that the alliance will be forming a key part of Sega’s middle to long-term strategy. This would allow the business to move forward with the new “Super Game,” which is an initiative for developing other new and innovative titles. This is where the key focuses are Global, Online, Community, as well as IP utilization.

Video Game Efforts for the Future

Although the announcement does lack certain specifics, the partnership, however, represents Sega’s long efforts in order to build video games that are suited for the future. This is where online connectivity will be faster as well as more pervasive compared to before.

As a result, consumers can play even more video game content whenever they choose to and wherever they want to go. The company notes that the proposed alliance actually represents Sega looking ahead, according to the story by PCMag.

Microsoft Azure Gaming Technologies

It was noted that through working with Microsoft in order to anticipate certain trends as they start to accelerate in the future, the main goal is to be able to optimize development processes. It will also help them continue to bring out high-quality experiences to players that choose to use Azure cloud technologies.

The other priorities include Sega partnering with Microsoft Azure in order to improve gaming technologies that are related to network infrastructure as well as communication tools. These are key factors when it comes to powering certain multiplayer titles.

Sega Popular Hit Games with Microsoft

The announcement, however, did not name any gaming franchise. It is, however, easy to imagine the company making use of Microsoft Azure in order to power some newer versions of Sega’s popular hit game series like Yakuza, Phantasy Star Online, and even Sonic the Hedgehog.

Microsoft also added to the announcement noting that together, they will be able to reimagine how games actually get built, hosted, and even operated, with a certain goal of adding even more value to players as well as Sega alike. Back in 2019, Microsoft also entered another partnership with PlayStation maker Sony in order to develop certain future cloud solutions over Azure’s own data centers.

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Sega is partnering up with Microsoft aiming to hop on to the Azure cloud-based gaming initiative. 

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