Motorola Will Be The First To Use Samsung’s 200MP Camera Sensor

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Next year, some smartphone manufacturers are expected to release devices with a 200MP main camera, but Samsung may not be one of them.

Samsung announced its 200MP Isocell HP1 camera sensor in September, but there was no word on which manufacturers might use it in the future. Now we may have a better idea of which companies will be the first to get their hands on it.

Motorola, not Samsung, may be the first to market with a 200MP camera phone, according to tipster Digital Chat Station. Ice Universe, in a separate tweet, confirmed these details.

Samsung is rarely the first company to use its own new camera sensors, which may surprise you. Xiaomi is known for being the first to arrive.

However, this could all change in 2022.

It’s uncertain which Motorola model will receive the honor, but the tipster claims that the Moto Edge X, which has been teased, will be the first to feature two new OmniVision sensors in the same post.

What about Xiaomi and Samsung?

The latest rumors contradict initial expectations that Xiaomi would be first to market with a 200MP camera. Early reports suggested Xiaomi would be the first to use the sensor, but the company has yet to confirm this. Xiaomi is still testing the sensor, according to Digital Chat Station, and Ice Universe believes the company will release a device in H2 2022.

According to Ice Universe, Samsung may only release a phone with a 200MP camera in 2023. That’s a long time away. Probably the Galaxy S23 Ultra will get that honor. It’s unclear whether Samsung will use the Isocell HP1 or a future version of the sensor in a phone.

That means Samsung fans can expect the Galaxy S22 Ultra to have a 108MP camera, just like its predecessor.

The same source also confirmed that the Galaxy S22 camera array will consist of 108 megapixels, two 10 megapixel sensors, and a 12 megapixel lens. These details were revealed by Ice Universe in response to rumors that the device would include three 12MP sensors in addition to the 108MP main camera.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra had the same rear-facing camera setup as its predecessor, but Ice Universe stated that the primary sensor would be an “improved version” this time around.

Earlier this month, alleged live photos of the Galaxy S22 Ultra surfaced online, revealing a design without the contour cut camera bump. Each sensor and the LED flash would have separate cutouts, according to images released by Jon Prosser, implying a significant design change next year.

Given the significant strain a 200MP sensor will place on the ISP, we wonder if those rushing to implement it will have enough processing power to fully exploit it.

Samsung has been increasing the number of megapixels in recent years. Despite the emphasis on megapixel count, it isn’t the only factor that influences the performance of a smartphone camera.

Consider sensor and pixel size, software processing performance, and aperture, among other things, when making your purchase.


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