Samsung Galaxy Slide — This Could Be The Next Big Thing In The Smartphone World

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Foldable display phones have progressed from a quirky concept to legitimate devices that compete with traditional flagship models, even challenging their price. Samsung is on the cutting edge of this technology, as evidenced by phones like the Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Flip.

The South Korean giant now wants to emphasize the importance of flexible display technology in modern smartphones.

Samsung teases new rollable and slidable flex devices on its newly launched site, in addition to the foldable bar and square designs we’re all familiar with. This is a strong indication that new form factors are on the way.

Samsung’s Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong was spotted with an unreleased phone with an unusual form factor – too thin to be a foldable device, implying a slide phone, similar to the Oppo X – exactly one year ago. This device was supposed to launch in H1 2021, but the year passed with no sign of a Samsung rollable (or slidable).

Other companies are experimenting with similar designs as well. Apple is considering a rollable iPhone, according to a patent application filed last month, and Google is planning a rollable display phone to compete with the Oppo X.

Samsung Display

Samsung Display’s new microsite contains a slew of teasers that may shed light on previous leaks and rumors about the company’s plans for OLED technology and the devices that will use it. They allude to a future product line that will include foldable laptops, rollable TVs, and collapsible tablets.

For quite some time, Samsung Display has hinted at the arrival of its “OLED Era,” in which high-end display technology is available to its clients and consumers in an even wider range of products and use-cases. With its new micro-site, the company has gone a little more overt with its teasers.

The resource is used to preview or showcase a variety of the OEM’s new or upcoming products, including the “Samsung Flex OLED” line, which could be released soon. The Display division of the South Korean conglomerate now claims to support a variety of potential form factors, all with the best attributes of the existing Galaxy Z Fold or Flip lines.

Ultra-thin glass coverage for increased durability; a tight bending radius of as little as 1.4 millimeters; and the ability to withstand up to 200,000 folds are just a few of the features. However, it appears that the upcoming panels in question will be larger and more advanced than the current options.

Flex Bar, a display type similar to the Z Flip3, and Flex Square are among them (a Z Fold-style panel). In addition, the site gives a first look at Flex Note, a new trademark that could be Samsung’s new way of describing tech that includes devices similar to the ThinkPad X1 Fold (or even larger) in the works.

Rollable Flex (possibly Samsung’s take on the LG Signature OLED R) and Slidable Flex (which could appear on the rumored Galaxy Z Slide one day) have also been teased on the site. Overall, it appears that the OEM intends to follow through on previous promises of an exciting OLED-clad future for next-gen technology.


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