ERTHA Tops Gains on Trending Searches as Per CryptoRank

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A strong community backing a certain project is very important in the cryptoverse as seen with ERTHA which gained 101% in the last 24 hours. With more investors backing a certain project, the chances of the project mooning are usually higher.

ERTHA Didn’t Rank Top on Trending Searches

This, of course, should still be taken with a grain of salt as sometimes hype can be misleading for certain projects. Aside from a strong community, what is really important is investors backing up the project as seen with ERTHA.

As of the moment, ERTHA gained 101% in the last 24 hours while having the most volume on PancakeSwap. Unlike other projects that had the most volume on and Binance, ERTHA only has a small market cap of just 9.63 million as of the moment.

CryptoDep tweeted out the top trending searches over the last seven days as per CryptoRank to give a full scope of which projects earned, lost, and where they can be found. It is important to note that ERTHA did not top when it came to searches but rather gains.

SLC topped the list with the most searches as per the data from CryptoDep

Here are the top trending searches over the last 7 days:











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From being one of the top trending searches as per CryptoRank, ERTHA takes the cake with a whopping 101% in just the last 24 hours.

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