XPCAM 4K Webcam Review: A 4K Webcam For Under $40?

The XPCAM 4K claims to be a 4K webcam.

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With the growing trend of remote work, the demand for professional and quality webcams has been steadily rising. There are good and professional webcams such as Logitech C922 Pro and Logitech Brio 4K that really offer the quality that they boast of. However, not everyone may be able to spend on such high-end webcam models. With this, there may be other more affordable yet quality webcams to go for. 

One specific webcam, the XPCAM 4K, boasts to be a 4K webcam that is sold for the price of under $40. If the quality of the XPCAM 4K is good, then it may be a really good option to go far. The question is whether this webcam is good enough to compete with another esteemed 4K webcam, the Logitech Brio 4K. 

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The XPCAM 4K is a popular webcam that costs under $40 dollars and is advertised to be a 4K webcam with around 8 MP. With these specifications, they should somewhat be as good as the Logitech Brio 4K. 

Other than that, the following specifications can be expected from the XPCAM 4K. 


The packaging of the webcam is nothing extraordinary. It comes in a handy box that appears like carboard. Upon opening the box, the privacy shutter may be the first thing that comes to sight. Other than that, a small tripod and an instruction manual can also be found inside the package. 


The front of the webcam is armed with two microphones on each side. Moreover, the stand is also sturdy and gives off a nice rubber feel. Other than that, the attached cable is quite conveniently long. 

As for the privacy shutter, it functions as a sliding and popping mountable shutter. Unlike other privacy shutters that have a flapping feature, the privacy shutter of the XPCAM 4K is sliding and pops. For some, this may appear quite inconvenient. 

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Despite being advertised as a quality 4K webcam, the webcam may fall short when used. Disconnection between the webcam and the software keeps on happening. Other than that, the signal keeps on getting lost. The sound quality given off by the webcam was not on par with other models. Moreover, there was a lot of lag in the screen. 

The verdict

Even if the XPCAM 4K webcam is said to be a very affordable 4K webcam, they may not be good enough especially if they are to be used in a very professional meeting. The sound quality is not that excellent and it does not perform that well. Compared to the Logitech Brio 4K and the Logitech C922 Pro, the XPCAM 4K may fall short of such expectations. Hence, instead of going for this webcam, it may be better for potential buyers to allocate a larger budget and go for a quality webcam instead. 

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