Gear Up For The Xbox Game Preview And Game Pass For Turbo Golf Racing

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An epic game of vehicle golf has been in development by The Hugecalf Studios.

Since then, the team has expanded somewhat to 12 members, and their game has expanded significantly, becoming an ambitious, constantly-expanding, community-focused action racer. It has been confirmed that this game, Turbo Golf Racing, is currently available through Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Preview.

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In the fast-paced sports game Turbo Golf Racing, which can be played online with up to eight people, players race down or flip and glide over winding golf courses that are jam-packed with jumps and boost pads. The purpose,   to advance their ball over their adversaries’. Turbo Golf Racing is what they like to refer to as a lightly competitive multiplayer game because it welcomes new players while also embracing the mayhem that each race can bring.

They shall closely collaborate with the community and all of of the players as part of the Xbox Game Preview program to make frequent improvements to Turbo Golf Racing. They have  already undergone extensive testing, thanks to the assistance of Xbox Insiders who took part in two beta windows. Players fired more over one million missiles and struck over 11.5 million balls in the second beta alone, and they made many adjustments based on player feedback to make Turbo Golf Racing the best game can be right out of the gate.

Online Grand Prix-style races, a Solo Time Trial mode spread across 30 expansive levels, 11 gameplay-altering power cores to give your car abilities like ball-magnets, and over 100 cosmetics to unlock so you can create a car and ball that are specifically for each player are all features of Turbo Golf Racing.

While there still have a ways to go on the game preview adventure, and can officially confirm that gamers will receive more free upgrades in August, September, and October that will introduce brand-new courses, cars, power cores, cosmetics, and lots more. In the coming weeks, they’ll be providing more information on each of these updates.

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