US Businesses Can Now Name Their Verified Google Company Profiles As “Asian-Owned”

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Asian-owned businesses are now easy to identify and support thanks to Google.

People may now more easily locate and support Asian-owned companies in their neighborhoods thanks to Google. which will show up in searches for both Search and Maps.

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Google’s efforts to support historically marginalized populations are represented by this action. It has previously introduced labels for firms that are LGBTQ+-owned, women-owned, veteran-owned, Black-owned, and Latino-owned.

Additionally, the corporation claims that its Grow with Google effort would assist 10,000 additional Asian-owned small businesses in learning digital skills through collaboration with the nonprofit US Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce. To date, they have provided workshops on topics like e-commerce, analytics-driven decisions, and design to more than 20,000 Asian-owned firms.

Growing Asian-owned small businesses has been a goal of Grow with Google’s collaboration with the US Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce (USPAACC) during the past few years. Through courses covering subjects such as e-commerce tools, design thinking for business owners, and making decisions using data, it has so far assisted more than 20,000 Asian-owned firms in growing their digital capabilities.

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“As we were building this feature, we worked with hundreds of Asian-owned businesses to ensure the attribute celebrates our diverse and unique cultures,”

Leanne Luce, a product manager for Google Search

Extending that cooperation today. In order to help 10,000 more Asian-owned small businesses grow their operations, USPAACC and Grow with Google will work together. Additionally, as the importance of the internet for shopping grows, almost a quarter of Asian-owned business owners cited social media and the internet as their most significant means of fostering a sense of community and obtaining funding.

Their hope is that the Asian-owned quality would unite people and provide our communities the much-needed recognition they require to survive and grow. They are delighted to showcase Asian-owned companies and to draw attention to a portion of what makes this community special and significant.

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Small business closures due to COVID and targeted acts of violence during the past two years have emphasized the value and impact of allies, and they have also highlighted how crucial it is to help historically underrepresented communities, particularly our Asian community.  Introducing a new strategy to support the growth of Asian-owned firms as a result.

If there are any plans to make the identification more widely available, Google was contacted. On Google’s Display & Video 360 marketing platform, the Asian-owned logo will ostensibly soon be extended to “ad-supported publishers,” but there are no official plans to do the same for other nations.

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