The Hisense U8H — Its First Mini-LED Television

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The Hisense U8H is the kind of TV that makes a mockery of TVs that are significantly more expensive and incomparably inferior.

Spending more than twice as much on a TV from Samsung, Sony, or LG will still not give you a picture that is as fiercely bright and arrestingly deep as this one. The Hisense U8H has a familiar appearance when viewed from the front, with barely perceptible bezels on the top and sides, a thin silver strip along the bottom with Hisense’s logo stamped in the middle, and a pair of unassuming legs that can be set in either a narrow or wide stance depending on how wide your media stand may be.

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From the back, it’s obvious that Hisense wanted to take the audio system of this TV in a unique direction. A massive, oval grill concealing a speaker of some sort is located directly in the center of the back cover. That turns out that it is the “subwoofer” on the TV, and it is truly a sign of some very loud things to come.

A Google TV-style remote control with included batteries is offered with the TV. Although supposedly illuminated, the remote does not do so in a useful way. The backlighting is quite weak and only remains on for a few seconds before going off completely. The illumination on the remote will be useless if you don’t already know where the button you want to press is.

If you have a Google account and are prepared to utilize the Google Home app on your mobile device, setting up the U8H, a Google TV that runs on Android OS, can be very simple. You’ll need to spend more time with the clicker if you’re opposed to that thought.

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It should be mentioned that the U8H can be used as a dumb TV in addition to being a Google TV. In other words, you won’t make use of any of the TV’s built-in apps, voice control, etc. Instead, you’ll merely use the remote to access HDMI ports and perhaps the TV’s tuner, then watch content on any connected devices.

Like the majority of Hisense’s TVs, the U8H includes a native user interface that, occasionally, can be a little annoying. Although switching between the TV’s many options usually happens pretty quickly, the user interface occasionally freezes and needs a few seconds to catch up before things resume as usual.

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The Hisense U8H’s picture quality is very outstanding when watching 4K video. The Hisense U8H, however, begins to demonstrate that it lacks the same level of processing power as its more expensive rivals with lower quality material.

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The Hisense U8H does certainly sound better than other TVs since it has an integrated sound system that is far more powerful than those found in most TVs. The TV’s built-in subwoofer gives the sound a ton of depth and punch, giving it more presence than TVs.

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