There’s A Rumor Mill Surrounding A New Apple TV For The Upcoming Apple ‘Far Out’ Event

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We already pretty much know the lineup of the products anticipated in the Apple event this month, but rumors also include a new Apple TV.

The Apple TV is another item that has made news a few times in recent weeks. To be clear, nobody knows anything about the new Apple TV. And, that’s been along the lines of something like “everything we know about the new Apple TV.”

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At some time, there will most likely be a new Apple TV. Apple TV is still a respectable choice for a HomeKit hub, despite not being a huge hit. In other words, it’s a way for people who are a part of the Apple ecosystem to connect all of their HomeKit-compatible smart accessories.

Therefore, if Apple were to discontinue Apple TV anytime soon, it would represent a huge shift. To be clear, there haven’t been any signs pointing in that direction.

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Apple TV update rumors haven’t been plentiful. One significant one refers about Apple preparing improvements to numerous products, which is, of course, what Apple does. Only one reference of Apple TV was made in the article, and the only information provided was that it might launch at any time between now and the middle of 2023.

A prior speculation from Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggests that a new Apple TV might be released any time between now and December in the second part of the year. More on that later. That unsubstantiated claim refers to “a new version of Apple TV that improves cost structure.”

The most recent upgrade for Apple TV 4K, which is the only model you should buy, was released in May 2021. That upgrade was released around three and a half years after the first release of Apple TV 4K.  The first Apple TV 4K was introduced in October 2015, less than two years after the launch of the fourth-generation Apple TV. Therefore, something brand new is undoubtedly still feasible.

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You can almost surely anticipate improved internals if Apple TV 4K is updated in the near future. And that might actually lend some weight to the claim that improving the cost structure. Maybe the update isn’t about you; instead it’s about changing things to make it less expensive for Apple to produce. Consider this: the A15 Bionic CPU is what powers the most recent iPhone SE. The current Apple TV 4K runs on the A12 Bionic, which is now almost four years old.

Despite all of this, the truth is that nobody actually knows what a new Apple TV 4K might look like or what new capabilities it would include. There isn’t a single issue with the present Apple TV 4K that calls for a quick product release at the earliest opportunity.

A 64GB Apple TV 4K model is available from Amazon for $140, which isn’t a bad deal at all if you need one right away. You’ll benefit from it for many years.

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